Pocket-lint doesn't get lost. Oh no, no, no. For you see, we paid extra attention during orientation classes at Boy Scouts and not only earned our Orienteer badge, but Survival Skills and Advanced Nautical Skills to boot.

But, if we did stray into unknown territories, and only had our smartphone to help us, then we'd be wary of using Google Maps because of the huge roaming charges that was likely to entail.

If only there was a comprehensive map app that didn't rely on a data connection.

Oh but there is dear readers and it's called......

ForeverMap Europe

£2.39 (introductory price)

ForeverMap has been designed by Skobbler, the Berlin-based company behind the popular iPhone satnav app.

Basically, it does the job of Google Maps, using maps from the OpenStreetMap platform, but whereas Google Maps uses your data connection to load map info, ForeverMap Europe has all of the maps already downloaded onto your phone.

app of the day forevermap europe iphone  image 2

What this means is two things. Firstly, you won't need a data connection to find your way using the app (making it useful when you're abroad as roaming charges are stupidly high) and secondly, expect a big initial download - 1.3GB to be precise (although our Skobbler contact has informed us that future apps will give you the option to just download the info for the countries that you want).

The maps are pretty detailed, with locations given for certain shops and POIs depending on whether they've been imputed by the OpenStreetMap community. There's even some Wikipedia info on selected POIs.

app of the day forevermap europe iphone  image 4

You can search by city, street or POI and the app even saves your search history to make locating quicker for future queries. The app will also give you route calculation info including an estimated journey time.

app of the day forevermap europe iphone  image 3

The app is £2.39 for a limited time only, with the price eventually set to rise to £3.49. So, if it sounds like a handy app for you, act quickly to save yourself more than a quid.