You may have read quite a lot lately about Google Voice, which is a very nifty service indeed, but is only available in the States.

And whilst today's App of The Day isn't quite as comprehensive as the Big G's phone service, it does come pretty close, and certainly offers a number of features to help you get more out of your voicemail service.

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HulloMail is available free on your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and pretty much any other smartphone that supports push email.

What it does, is takes over your regular voicemail and makes it more feature rich by offering you more than you'd currently get from your network. Think of it as your call record centre and voicemail on steroids.

HulloMail will monitor all of your incoming call records within the app, or via its website, once you've signed in. 

It will notify you of missed calls and play you your voicemail messages. But, unlike your current offering with standard voicemail, you'll also get a very contemporary and user friendly interface, which is like the visual voicemail aspect of the iPhone, but more colourful and with pictures.

But it isn't all about the way HulloMail looks - it also offers a number of additional voicemail services that aren't otherwise available on your handset.

app of the day hullomail iphone blackberry android image 3

Firstly you can reply to missed calls and voicemails with a Hullo message of your own, which is basically a voice memo that can be sent directly to your pal's HulloMail client, or even to an email address. It's like texting, but with your voice. 

The app will also sync with your GMail or MobileMe contacts so you always know who's trying to get hold of you.

You can also have your voicemails forwarded to your private email address as an MP3, which is handy if you haven't got time to check your HulloMail app. Plus you can get missed call notifications to your email as well.

app of the day hullomail iphone blackberry android image 2

And, with the latest Android version (3.0) you can also share voicemails and Hullos via Facebook from within the app. (This feature should hit the iPhone version soon).

Basically, HulloMail lets you get more from your phone, without paying more. And that's got to be a winner, right?