When of the great things with Android is that, apart from the four hard keys, you're not stuck with anything. Anyone who's ever typed a message on a Google mobile phone will know that the soft keyboard is ok. It's not great. It's ok, and, in fact, the way it insists on inserting words that it thought you really meant can be down right annoying. So before you dive on in and start changing the options, how about considering taking it one step further?


Android Market

SwiftKey is an alternative keyboard for the Android platform that's just come out of beta and it costs a whole 60p to download. Yes, we do sometimes suggest paid for apps here on Pocket-lint and do remember that you can return them for a refund within 24 hours should you be displeased with your purchase.

The first thing SwiftKey will do when you install it is analyse your writing style by looking through all the SMS you have stored on your handset. Based on that, and what you type in the future, it will attempt to predict what words you are going to input next with the eventual result being that you only need to bother spelling out two out of every three yourself.

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Even if it doesn't quite manage to do that, the push and hold punctuation and automatic addition of accents on foreign words makes an excellent alternative to the having to open up sub-menus that you get with the standard Android keyboard. Give it a whirl.

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