Never let it be said that App Of The Day is the bubbling bile brought bountifully by the bowels of beggars, an educational void that only the ignorant and depraved enter.

And if it is said then, let the man who does be taken into the street and thrashed within an inch of his life for wantonly slurring the good name that is Pocket-lint's fair app slot.

As such our app this fine eve is both educational and fun, as you are required to have more about you than mere button bashing.

Slice It!

iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

This particular app brings all the joys of cutting up shapes to your fingertips. Previously the reserve of scissors and paper, this fine offering challenges you to slice a variety of shapes into equal parts/surface areas and dishing out points and bonuses for those that get closest.

app of the day slice it  image 2

Most of the early stages are pretty basic, with a decent learning curve which builds up to increasingly challenging shapes. There are also hints which you have to earn, but this means that the game is accessible to both young and old players.

There are two ways of cutting; the first using a classic fixed point line drag, however this proved tricky to get the hang of; much better is the multitouch option which allows you to move a fixed line around the screen - we ended up using this the majority of the time.

At 59p it's pretty good value although there's a free version, and with 60 levels on offer it should keep you going for a while.