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Dropbox for BlackBerry

BlackBerry App World

If you're not entirely aware of Dropbox, it's a cloud-based service that lets you, for free, store up to 2GB of stuff on a hard drive in the sky. You can of course upgrade to store more than that, but 2GB is your free quota.

The idea is that you have a folder on your computer be it PC or Mac and by simply dumping files in that that folder you instantly upload them.

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Once they are uploaded you can then access them on a series of different smartphone operating systems or the web.

In steps the BlackBerry app, which has just gone live, bringing with it the chance to access files on the go via your email-savvy smartphone.

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You'll be able to upload photos from your BlackBerry and email its public link to a friend in less than a minute while also being able to access everything in your dropbox folder too.

Where dropbox really works, of course, is the instant syncing functionality without you having to really worry about it and the same is present here as it is in the iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

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Whether you are using Dropbox on your own to store important travel documents that you need to access quickly, or merely sharing work with other Dropbox users in your team, this has the potential for increasing the size of your phone's storage, without having to worry about manually transferring stuff over to it.


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