The football season is in full swing, but there is one football app that regardless of whether you follow the beautiful game you'll be glued to like it's Match of the Day and you don't know the result.

Flick Kick Football

iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

The premise is simply. You've got to score as many goals as possible to keep in the game.

app of the day flick kick football iphone  image 2

Shooting at certain areas is classed as the Skill Zone and that earns you lives (up to three.

Do well and you'll be on to a cracking score, crack under pressure and you'll be starting back from scratch.

Sounds easy doesn't it. That is until you put moving goalies and players in the way. Then you've got the varying distances to cope with and the ability to curve the ball like your David Beckham.

10 minutes in and like Paper Toss you'll find yourself addicted. Addicted hard.

app of the day flick kick football iphone  image 7

Besides the arcade shoot out there is a Bullseye mode that gives you exact targets to hit and thankfully there is a practice mode that is useful for just that, or entertaining the kids in a restaurant while you wait for your food - my two year old loves it.

app of the day flick kick football iphone  image 6

With smart graphics, some great nailbitting camera replays and gameplay that you'll enjoy and be infuriated by this app is a winner.