Often, we at Pocket-lint feature an app that has been around for a bit. Either it’s doing quite well on a word of mouth front and we’d like to share it to you, or it’s a perennial fave, deserving of a new airing.

Today’s App of the Day, though, is brand, spanking new. It came out today, and is, therefore, as fresh as a newly-baked French loaf. Its subject matter, however, is 122 years old…

Football League - Official Clubs' App


This free iPhone app will be a godsend for supporters of Championship, League One and League Two teams that can't afford to shell out astronomical amounts for a season ticket. Even if you're out and about, you'll be able to keep updated on all the latest news, fixtures, stats and player profiles from your chosen team.

app of the day football league official clubs app iphone  image 2

You'll also find league tables for all three divisions, as well as the Premier League. And don't worry - if you can't live for five minutes without composing a footie-related tweet, then you'll be glad to hear that you can also update Twitter and Facebook automatically, thus sharing your entirely correct football opinions with your mates with the greatest of ease.

If that's not enough, then you also have the option of splashing out on the premium service, which costs £4.99 for the entire season. This will enable to watch video match highlights 24 hours after the game, and also includes a Google mapping function to help you find your way to any stadium in the country.

app of the day football league official clubs app iphone  image 5

The premium service will also offer a score predictor, which enables you to compare your predictions with fellow fans and is sure to cause a great deal of arguments in the pub. This will be continuously updated throughout each match. Look out for regular updates too, which will include the all-important promotion and relegation tracker, along with graphical match stats.

Whether you're Barnsley, Bournemouth or Bradford, this is the app for you.