Contrary to popular belief, there were in fact 11 commandments brought down by Moses from Mount Sinai; along with the biggies, such as: Thou shalt not worship false idols (Apple fanboys take note) and Though shalt not lie with thy neighbour's ox, the 11th went thus:

Thou shalt not miss the Pocket-lint App of the Day.

So if, for any reason, you meet someone who hasn't read this, be sure to inform them that they're going straight to hell.

On with today's app, and it'll tickle those of you who enjoy their popular music, also known as "pop music". So get ready for a bit of doh, ray, me with...


Timing seems to be the key with this smart little title from TuneWiki Limited, as you'll be required to tap your  Apple device in time with the music and as you're doing so learn all those mumbled lyrics that you never could quite make out.

app of the day lyric legend image 2

On trying the app out on an iPod, it has to be said that Pocket-lint didn't score very well; mostly due, we hasten to add, to our lack of knowledge of the three bundled tracks. These songs came from Vampire Weekend, The All-American Rejects and Metric. 

You do, however, get the chance to download extra tunes via the online store, they tend to come in bundles of two and there's a decent collection (as long as you like your pop) of around 60. Each bundle will cost you 59p, hence the free download for the main app.

In terms of playability everything seemed to function well and there are multipliers and Legend Power to increase your score.

You can post high scores against your home town or the world via GPS and there's also a Blutooth multiplayer option.

With five levels of difficulty there should be plenty of mileage here, and for music game fans it seems like a pretty good option; just be wary that you'll have to splash the cash if you want more music.