Here at Pocket-lint we're always on the lookout for a new game to play on the go, and there is an ever-increasing selection on the iTunes App Store covering everything from the highly addictive Angry Birds through to classics such as Tetris and the thinking man's game, Sudoku. But if you're after something a bit different for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, then look no further than this simple and somewhat unsettling app, based on Spielberg's classic bloodthirsty monster movie of the same name.

iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

The second you fire up Jaws you'll be greeted with the chillingly familiar theme music, which you can turn off - along with the sound effects - but we'd recommend keeping it on to get the full, nail-biting effect. Your task in the game is to take on the role of Amity Island top copper, Chief Brody, and to guide the swimmers to safety before they end up in the belly of the killer shark. Once you've guided all of the swimmers to safety by flicking them across the screen and onto the beach, and probably left a few of the unlucky ones to get eaten, you'll move on to the next level. Each level is relatively similar, and requires you to save as many floundering proles as possible by helping them to shore or onto boats and guiding the boats to safety. In the last round you'll come face to face with Jaws himself.

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Athough there are probably better gaming options available in the App Store that won't cost you a penny, we couldn't resist this one's addictive gameplay, attractive graphics, and heart-pounding music. Although we probably wouldn't get a job in the Amity Island PD, thanks to an embarassingly high body count. Shark 1, Pocket-lint 0.