We’ve hit that hour where we turn our attention to apps - big apps, small apps, every different size of app. Today we have something really handy, that will help to keep your movie rentals under control. If you happen to have an Apple device, and a subscription to Lovefilm, then this is one app you need to investigate further.

iPad / iPhone / iPod touch

The Lovefilm app is divided into four major areas: search, film and TV, games and my list. The most useful part of the app is being able to manage your Lovefilm list if you are a subscriber.

Enter your list and you’ll be able to see all the films you currently have and what you have lined up for delivery in the future. This saves you having to use the Lovefilm website all the time and means you can fill spare time on the bus revising your rental list.

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Of course finding and selecting your movies is a big part of that operation, which is what the rest of the app is based around. The search is a general search, although it doesn’t seem particularly smart. Put in an actor name and you get decent results, make a spelling mistake and you get nothing.

The meat of the app lies in the film and TV section. This presents you various lists, with new releases and coming soon joined by a breakdown in genres. Subheadings of Gay/Lesbian and Teen might get you thinking you’re browsing a porn site, but thankfully it isn’t as you also have Children, Family and Horror as options, amongst many others.

Dive into a list and start browsing titles and you’ll be able to watch a trailer, rate movies you’ve seen on a star rating and of course, add titles to your list. This makes it really easy to add to your list when you see reference to a film, or on the recommendation of friends, without having to remember to do it later.

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app of the day lovefilm ipad iphone ipod touch  image 4

The games section basically offers the same as the film and TV section, but will only apply to those who have a subscription that includes games, and again, you get trailers to watch, user reviews and so on.

The Lovefilm app is available to subscribers to the movie rental service as well as non-subscribers, although it is of limited use to those who don’t have a subscription, as you won’t get to actively manage your rental list.

Of course there are some areas we’d like to see added, like a recommended section based on your previous viewing habits, but as a mobile tool for managing your Lovefilm account, it’s really handy.