If you're feeling the pace after a hard day/week/month (delete as applicable) some folk would prescribe a hot bath, milky drink and an early night.

We at Pocket-lint, however, beg to differ as all you need to vanquish the trials and tribulations that life flings at you is a good spoonful of App Of The Day, preferably washed down with a pint of English pale ale.

And so without further ado we have an app which you'll be able to make good use when planning an entertaining evening for friends and family alike - please give a warm hand for Movies Now.

iPhone/iPod touch

Here at pocket-lint we want to be sure that everything we cover is tip top and working well before we recommend anything - including apps. And it's fair to say that Movies Now didn't have the best of starts; as it suffered with various bugs and glitches, which in all honesty made for a poor user experience.

app of the day movies now iphone ipad  image 2

However, there's been a recent update which means it's now running a whole lot smoother, and when tested on iOS 4 appeared to be snappy and very responsive, not to mention free from all previous glitches.

What this means is that Movies Now is a very handy tool for any cinema fan, which enables you to look up your nearest cinema, check what's on, look at film schedules and even buy tickets. And if that wasn't enough there's a very nice streaming feature allowing you to play any featured film's trailer. It also includes info on the film's cast and director, which all makes for a very tidy package.

app of the day movies now iphone ipad  image 3

In practice the app performed admirably, even picking out quite obscure film venues, which is nice if you don't fancy the unholy experience that you get with Vue or Warner Bros. cinemas. And the "Now" tab was very handy in bringing up films that are starting in your area within 2 hours, with distance also calculated.

The upshot of all this, is that Movies Now makes for a very decent mobile application for anyone into their cinema, and well worth the £1.19 price tag.