Now, Pocket-lint has been focusing a lot on the brilliant gaming titles that are available in the App Store for the iPad as of late, and whilst Zombie Infection HD, Fighting Fantasy and Archetype are great fun, they are not very productive.

And whereas the iWork suite of apps that Apple has provided are good, and look very flashy, you have to get each program separately, and they just don't feel the same as your traditional office suite such as Microsoft or Open Office. And that's where today's App of The Day comes in.

iPad / iPhone

Documents to Go (DTG) is a, quite frankly, brilliant office suite that will turn your iPad into a rich office-based machine, without clogging up your precious hard-drive space with files.

Because, although you can store documents locally on your iPad's memory, DTG works best when you bring in the cloud - and that's why it's worth forking out £8.99 for the premium version.

DTG is compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and you'll also be able to view images, iWork files and PDFs as well.

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With Word, Excel and PowerPoint you can edit files and there are all the formatting options that you could possibly wish for, you simply have to scroll through them on the toolbar at the bottom. Holding your finger down on a button gives you a text explanation of what it will do, so you don't need to aimlessly guess.

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You can edit files attached to the email accounts that you have synced with your iOS device as well simply click the "Open In Documents to Go" button in the top right hand corner.

As mentioned, you can save the files on your device's local storage, which can be synced with a folder on your desktop as well (after downloading the DTG desktop software).

But where DTG really comes into its own is through its cloud based file saving. You can sync your DTG app up with Google Docs,, iDisk, Sugar Sync or Dropbox.

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Pocket-lint tested the service out with Dropbox, and we have to say that the service has taken our appreciation for the iPad to a new level.

It was a good toy before, and an easy way to get online - but now, with it syncing up seamlessly with our desktop computer and our various laptops, it is an invaluable member of our work setup.

Instead of choosing to save files to the local storage, you can simply select to save all files to your Dropbox and, once you've done so, it will automatically sync with all of your other Dropbox folders across all of your machines.

You don't need to worry about your massive Dropbox folder using up all of your iPad's disk space either, you can set a limit to how much space the app can use. When the iPad syncs for the first time with your Dropbox folder it simply downloads all of the file information such as the name, size and file type so you can view your folders in a similar way to that of your PC or Mac.

You only actually get the file on your iPad when you click to download. From thereon in it stays on your device, unless you choose to remove it and simply have the file info instead.

To make use of this you'll obviously need a Dropbox account first, which you can sign up for, for free, via its website.

Syncing with other cloud based services works in the same way, we also tested the Google Docs feature out and didn't experience any difficulties.

Documents to Go is a fantastic app and we highly recommend it. Less than £9 is a bargain for what you get with the premium version, although there is a version without cloud support for £3 less.

We've stated on the title iPad and iPhone, but this review is mainly based on the iPad version - there are also Documents to Go apps for Android and Maemo.