Hungry? How does Beef Stew and Suet Dumplings sound followed by Bonfire Treacle Toffee? Yes, these British Isles' treats can be yours so long as you can be bothered to download an application for your Android phone. Oh, and actually go down to the shops and cook as well. But should you feel up to that challenge for some of that warm tasty cuisine then, this is the piece of free software for you.

Android Market

We can't claim to have tried all the recipes, but the Cottage Pie certainly works. It's hard to tell just how many different ideas are in this app with all of them filed under so many categories and reused a few times over but there's definitely enough to keep you going for most of the year. You'll probably also end up moving to a new trouser size and developing a case of gout if that's the route you head down.

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It's a pretty simple app, all things considered, and it's certainly far from perfect. The preparation area for the text really needs to be bigger and could result in you smearing raw pastry all over your nice touchscreen. That aside though, it's wonderfully non-techie and refreshingly British - even if it does turn out to be made by an American company.

The real bonus is that it's regularly updated with new recipes and each has a picture so you know what you're aiming for. Do let us know in the comments if you cook one of the meals and make sure to tell us how they turn out. All slices of pie to be vacuum packed and sent to...