We're sure that there's not one amongst us who hasn't had a tune going around in their head, driving them crazy as to the artist/name of track.

If that sounds familiar to you then fear not as our regular app feature is here to help, bringing you all the latest a greatest updates to the world of the app. Pocket-lint's app of the day is proud to present Shazam on the Orange App Shop.

Shazam on Orange

Free/£3 per month
Orange App Shop

Shazam, the popular music discovery application, is now available to Orange customers in France and the UK on a range of handsets and will help make those tiresome what-tune-is-that moments a thing of the past.

Shazam gives instant satisfaction for those times when users want to know what song is playing. By simply holding up a mobile towards the music playing you can learn more about the artist, buy the song immediately – from the Orange Music Store – or just sate your desire for music knowledge.

This knowledge will come at a price, as if you want unlimited song identification, recommendations, biographies and album reviews it'll cost you 3 of your hard-earned pounds a month. There is, however, a free version, which will identify five songs for you. Shazam will be tightly integrated with Orange Services meaning Orange customers can quickly and easily buy a tagged song on Orange Music Store with a few clicks.

Handsets manufacturers include: Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung and Nokia.