It's been a bit of a mad, hectic day, truth be told.

We mean, the world's largest tech company announcing a whole host of new kit in one day - it's left us a bit pooped and in need of some serious zone out time.

And what better way than to space out by lounging (Jobs-stylee) on the couch and blowing some zombie brains out?


A corrupt government agency, a nasty leaked chemical that has caused widespread zombiefication and you take charge of the only characters that can save the day? That's right it's Resident Ev....sorry, Zombie Infection HD on the iPad.

Anyone who is familiar with Gameloft will be aware of two-things:

Firstly, they'll know that the French games publisher produces some high-quality and enjoyable games for the iPhone and the iPad.

They'll also be aware that, more often than not, these games are quite blatantly ripped off from other successful titles though. (See Shrek Kart, Blokus, and Gangstar: West Coast Hustle).

But as we said, the games are high quality, and the gameplay is always good - so we'll let Gameloft off for its lack of originality and instead concentrate on what it does do well.

Zombie Infection HD is no exception to this rule. It's not a cuddly, cartoon-style zombie-fest. It's a full on survival horror mode complete with gore, violence and lots and lots of blood.

app of the day zombie infection hd ipad  image 5

You take control of the do-gooders Damien and Alex as you take on a Brazilian town full of zombies, of which there are many different varieties including vast amounts of human-zombies as well as animals too.

Game controls are fairly straight forward. You use both hands, one to manoeuvre and one to walk and when it comes to shooting you get a laser-pointer for assistance. This helps to be accurate with your blasting - it's quite good fun to shoot both legs off of a walking zombie before he gets the chance to hit the deck.

app of the day zombie infection hd ipad  image 4

There's an array of different weapons to collect and plenty to do apart from killing zombies. The game makes use of the iPad's multitouch features for some skill-based tasks.

There are 12 chapters in total, and it isn't a doddle to complete at all - especially on the highest difficulty rating.

Sure, it's not likely to rival the FPS on your consoles, but at £3.99 it doesn't really have to.

Check out the video below for some gameplay action: