We've reached the end of another frantic day bringing you news of the latest and greatest developments in the world of gadgets. But at this time each day we like to kick back and think apps.

It's summer holiday time and that means you might be jetting off on your vacation (or just heading off to a caravan park in sunny Morecombe). There are a host of apps to help you along, but this one is a little bit of fun.


Free (but you have to pay for the service)
iTunes/Android Market

Sending postcards is part of your holiday. A tedious part, no doubt. You have to struggle with the cashier as you ask for stamps and then you need a postbox and you'll undoubtedly post it in the recycling bin. And that's just in Morecombe.

Fortunately you no longer have to deal with these issues as your iPhone or Android handset will swing into action with PostCards.

It's an incredibly simple premise which involves you snapping off your own picture using the phone's camera. You can take a picture, or use one you already have on your device (so you could use it with an iPod touch too).

app of the day postcards iphone android  image 4

Once you have your pic, the app simply adds it to a virtual postcard. You can flip the postcard over and write a message as well as adding the address.

The address will access your contacts so you don't have to plug in all the details, as well as a UK postcode address finder to make it simple to add new people.

You then press send and away your postcard goes to eCards, who print it up into a regular postcard and stick it in the post – same day posting if they get your card before 4pm.

The quality of the final result is impressive enough, as long as you have a decent camera and something decent to take a photo of.

app of the day postcards iphone android  image 2

You do have to pay, and this is via PayPal, with UK cards costing 99p and international cards costing £1.49.

We found PostCards to be a simple way to send memorable images to loved ones, although with your average postcard costing about 50p, you don't necessarily save any money, unless posting internationally.

But then isn't the point of a postcard that you get back before the card does, and when it arrives, it has some exotic stamp on it?