Yesterday's App of The Day was brilliant. So brilliant in fact that so many people downloaded it, that it stopped working properly.

But that app was a real game changer. Today's is more your quick burst of fun type of app. It's not likely to create a huge media buzz creating over capacity issues.

But boy is it fun (and infuriating and addictive at the same time).

Flick Football


Some games are just so bloomin' addictive that you don't know whether you actually like them, or whether you're just playing them because you're not sure that you can stop.

We imagine that if someone took Flick Football away from us, we'd end up in a Mark Renton style mess, seeing weird dolls crawl across the ceiling and other such bizarre and unpleasant happenings.

But hopefully, as we've got the game loaded up on both our iPad and our iPhone we should be okay.

The game is identical on both devices and the object is simple. Score the free-kicks (or penalties if you hit the red-card targets).

app of the day flick football ipad iphone  image 5

The game-play is actually pretty responsive (it's definitely easier on the iPad) - you can smash a free-kick hard as you can, bend it like Beckham, or curve it like Carlos.

There are four game modes: The big game, where you get three lives; vs the clock, target practice and sudden death. You can share your scores across Twitter and Facebook and there is also a worldwide leader-board (which we've never got near despite hours of play-time)

app of the day flick football ipad iphone  image 7

The commentator is brilliant. Sure, he only says about six different things, but he does them with an amazing Alan Partridge twang. We half expected him to utter the classic - "Sh*t! Did you see that? He must have a foot like a traction engine!" - but sadly he didn't.

Get it from the App Store now for 59p. It's highly enjoyable - we think. But isn't that what drug addicts say?