The iPad has often been touted as the saviour of the publishing industry. And sure, the apps that Wired and Sports Illustrated have put out demonstrate what the magazines of the future might look like - with video, interaction and moving parts - but they're still just magazines, with content chosen by the publishers.

What if there was a magazine that was personal to you, that was customised with your own personal and social interests? Well now there is.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give to you possibly the finest free app in the App Store (and it only launched officially today)....



Flipboard is your personal magazine. Even the front cover is unique for you. Because, as well as gathering news from a number of prominent sources, it also scours your Facebook and Twitter data and presents that info as well.

And we're not talking about pages and pages of your friend's monotonous updates, we're talking about a personalised magazine where the pages are made up of articles, videos and pictures already fetched from you from any links that appear in your social media streams.

app of the day flipboard ipad  image 4

And whilst you may still get the occasional bit of rubbish info that your contacts have linked to, you're likely to get some brilliant articles if you follow great minds such as the Pocket-lint team (or other such dignitaries).

Your magazine is presented with headlines, pictures and text, and if you click an article you get it in full screen.

app of the day flipboard ipad  image 2

You can even share and reply from within the app (including Facebook thumbs ups) and, as the magazine is always evolving - newer material is always found on the first few pages - so it never gets old.

As well as your social streams you can also choose to view content direct from a number of sources (including the brilliant TED talks), and set up sections in your contents page.

app of the day flipboard ipad  image 3

Put quite simply, Flipboard is one of the best iPad apps that has surfaced so far and perfectly demonstrates why the iPad is a game-changing device.

Get it at once. Or never show your face around these parts ever again.

Also, check out the video below which is a pretty interesting interview with Mike McCue, co-founder and CEO of Flipboard.