It's a game, it's free and all you have to do is tilt your phone a bit. That's the Android neo-classic that is Abduction! (don't forget the exclamation mark) and why even a child/monkey/child monkey can enjoy it.

It's a simple concept that those of you who've played Doodle Jump will be familiar with. You are in control of an avatar who will continually bounce on whatever is beneath it in an attempt to get higher up the screen, to bounce on something else and so go up even more. If your character falls back down to the bottom edge of your mobile display without hitting anything at all, then it's game over. Where you come into it is by tilting your handset to make said sprite move laterally whilst bouncing in an attempt to seek further purchase.

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Clear as mud? Thought so. Let's try that in English. You are a cow. Sorry, but you are. The rest of your herd has been abducted (no exclamation mark required there) by aliens. As the sole surviving bovine quadruped, it's your job to get up to the heavens and bring the UFO down. You do that with some vertical scrolling platform game action springing off bits of turf and collecting both mystery bonuses (not always good) and fellow falling cows as you go for more points.

app of the day abduction android  image 2

If you still don't get it, then we suggest downloading and trying for yourself. It's free, it has an invincible mode for kids and it's also one of a very few applications that will actually let you install it on your microSD card - so long as you're using Froyo, of course.

What's particularly nice about Abduction! is that it looks very pretty too. It's got that modern animation look somewhere between the Pygmy Shrew and the people who designed the Innocent Smoothie bottle. Download, enjoy and post your best score in the comments telling us what level you managed it on.