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The FPS has come a long way since the likes of Wolfenstein and Doom, and not many of us would have guessed that we'd be able to play a decent shooter on our mobile phones - well ladies and gentleman that time has come as we bring you...


Let's first say that everything, in our brief play with the game, ran nice a smooth without hint of slowing down - excellent.

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In what is a pretty basic formulae, there are buddy challenges, team battles and a very brutal online-only deathmatch mode. All of which mainly consist of walking round killing as much as possible with your given weapons. You'll get a mix of automatic and precision rifles, grenades, rocket launcher and thankfully a shotgun is present also.

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All the controls are where you need them, and you'll be switching through weapons and slapping folk about with the butt of your gun in no time at all. The playability is increased somewhat with the fact that firing is done for you, however this doesn't seem to attract from the skill, as it takes all your concentration to target on the small screen - not such an issue on the iPad.

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We never had any problem with waiting in the lobby either, as there's over 160,000 gamers who've downloaded the game already, so from turning on your device you can be battling away in minutes. You can rank up by earning XP, and we're assured that there's plenty of medals on offer - although we didn't earn any.

Priced at £1.79, if you like you shooters make sure you give it a go.