What is going on with the weather? On Saturday we were desperately seeking cover from the Sun's mighty rays and now, we're sitting indoors, the fire's on, with our thermals on underneath about four layers of woollen clothing.

Okay, so it's not that cold. But it is wet and miserable.

If only there was an app which could tell you the weather, but also make use of your iPad's brilliant display capabilities. Ah, but there is...

Weather HD


Okay, so there may be better apps out there in terms of weather forecasts. There are probably apps with a lot more detailed and accurate satellite imagery. But you can bet your bottom dollar that there aren't any weather apps that look as stunning as Weather HD.

app of the day weather hd image 5

After setting your location you can get weather forecasts in daily or three hourly intervals with the forecast displayed with a superb, crisp looking video. The best of which has to be this rain forecast - the video is so crystal clear and is shot in such a beautiful way that the grass and rain drops almost look 3D.

app of the day weather hd image 3

If the forecast is for night-time then the videos are all shot at night. There's also various different videos for each scenario, so you won't always see the same one for cloudy etc. The time is displayed as well, so if you set your iPad on a frame, and left it on when you had friends over, then you'd have the sexiest digital clock/barometer going.

app of the day weather hd image 4

It's a simple but very effective app that kind of shows off everything that is good about the iPad. It's web connected, it's real time, it's easy to use and it just looks so damn cool.

app of the day weather hd image 6

It's 59p you won't regret spending.

If you have an app you'd like to recommend, why not let us know in the comments below, and maybe that'll be featured on App of The Day sometime soon.