The magical time, that is 6pm on a Friday is upon us once more, and it not only means that the whole weekend is stretching ahead of you, but app of the day is here too - making the world of the app a better place to be.

This one should help anyone who suffers from a lack of organisational skills as it's a simple way to plan and visualise your day - say a big hello to Diacarter.


This very neat planner is designed to enable the user to visualise his or her day by choosing icons that match with the things you'll be doing. You basically start off with a clock to which you can add said icons, thereby creating a handy at a glance reminder.

app of the day diacarter ipod iphone ipad image 3

Here you can see the initial clock face, your day a blank slate ready to be filled with exciting and interesting things. By tapping on the + tab you can add a variety of different icons, which number around 50 and you can also add notes to each one or just enter text if none of the symbols match your activity.

app of the day diacarter ipod iphone ipad image 2

It's also possible to set up future events with the calendar and everything seems to work as it should. We managed to create an example of a typical day/night at Pocket-lint Towers in less than a couple of minutes.

app of the day diacarter ipod iphone ipad image 1

In our play we found it all very straight forward, although it isn't perfect as there doesn't appear to be the ability to import from you existing calendars. However that said it is quite possible that particular functionality could come at a later date - but for £1.19 it's not massively expensive and is an interesting take on the whole organising your life thing.