It's the end of the day and you feel glum, but fear not friend it's time for fun. We bring you apps of all shapes and size, today we've something that's no surprise: An app from RIM and eBay you've guessed, brings bargains to BlackBerrys, from cars to used vests. So at 6 O'clock it can only be App of The Day, let's see what will be...

BlackBerry App World

The first great thing about eBay for BlackBerry is that you can set it to your locale, so you won't find yourself getting excited about something to then find it is only available for those in Canada, for example.

The interface is simple, with a prominent search on the front page letting you dive off and find things you are interested in, with an advanced search hiding in the menu. Find said item and you can view a larger photo, place a bid, watch the item and even add it to your calendar.

app of the day ebay blackberry  image 2

This will insert the item into the BlackBerry calendar so you can remind yourself that the auction is ending (in addition to the usual "Don’t let it get away emails") you might receive. 

But most useful parts are those connected to your account. You'll be able to look at items you are bidding on, watching, selling and so on.

Okay so it isn't the sort of place you'll go to browse eBay and buy weird and wonderful things, but if you know what you want, you'll be able to quickly and easily find them and you'll be able to dive in and keep track of your eBay activities.

app of the day ebay blackberry  image 4

There is a handy refresh option in the top right-hand corner too, so if you are in the dying minutes of an auction and want to see what you've spent or made, then you can punch this.

Great for on the fly shopping, but it's also great because it is free, so download it from BlackBerry App World and give it a spin.