Bob Gedolf once asked somebody to tell him why he doesn't like Mondays. But it's obvious isn't it? It's the day that is the furthest from the weekend. What a fool. He should have been able to work that one out for himself without the need for a tedious song.

Mondays really are a bore though aren't they? Not only is it ages until the weekend, the pubs are empty (only alcoholics drink on Mondays) and there's nothing decent on TV.

But Mondays are good for one thing though. Yep, 6pm on a Monday is the first instalment of a new week's worth of our App of The Day feature.

And to cure your Monday blues, we've got a beauty...

Sound Hound


You've probably heard of Shazam. We mean, who hasn't? Shazam is a brilliant app and has rightly been massively successful in the app world.

But what if there was an app that could do all of what Shazam could, but with added extras?

Ah, but there is...and it's called SoundHound.

app of the day soundhound image 3

SoundHound is like Shazam, but turned up to 11. It's Shazam's bigger, better looking nemesis, that not only recognises music that you play to it, it can also tag tunes that you sing and hum to it. And if you're too shy to sing or hum, you can even just speak the lyrics into it.

If you're too shy to even speak the lyrics into it then speak to a doctor because you've got some severe confidence issues. But don't worry you can also type the lyrics in as well.

From your tagged songs you are able to view related videos of the song via YouTube, buy the song from iTunes, share it with your buddies via email, text, Facebook or Twitter, and even get the full lyrics displayed.

app of the day soundhound image 5

You can also view the song artist's biography and get recommendations of similar artists.

app of the day soundhound image 6

If you're wondering whether the humming function actually works, then wonder no more. It does. At least it did with the four songs we tested on it.

As well as tagging your own songs, you are also able to have a look at what other people are tagging using the 'What's Hot' feature and you can also use SoundHound as a mini-karaoke system by displaying the lyrics to songs playing in your iPod app.

app of the day soundhound image 4

SoundHound is well worth the £2.99 that it will set you back. If you like Shazam, but you're ready for the next level, then SoundHound is definitely the answer.