It's 6pm. It's Friday and that can only mean one thing. Yep, that's right - it's peanut butter jelly time. But before that it's time for the final App of The Day for this week.....

Lets face it. Wikipedia is old news, however you want to repackage it and Geometry, even in game form is pretty dull. Photos on the other hand, well, photos are cool. So for today's App of the Day, we're going to focus on a new photo based app that has just popped up in the App Store.



iStockphoto is the brand spanking new app offering from the Getty Images owned micropayment  website of the same name.

The service provides royalty free stock photography as well as illustrations, audio files and videos. It's member generated and if you sign up to the service you can sell your files as well as buying stuff too.

The iPhone app brings the images and audio to your handset and lets you find exactly what you're looking for, from wherever you are.

app of the day istockphoto iphone  image 2

You can also view data about the file that you are interested in such as who uploaded the file and when and how many times it has been viewed or downloaded.

app of the day istockphoto iphone  image 3

Obviously, the app syncs with your desktop account so you can view or edit files in your 'lightbox', email them to your contacts, and you can also view your account details and see how much money you've made (or spent - not so good).

app of the day istockphoto iphone  image 4

It's a free app, and if you're already an iStockphoto user then you'd be silly not to download it. If you're not on iStockphoto yet, you can still search and browse images (with an iStockphoto watermark) so if you're interested in photography then give it a go.