In case you hadn't noticed there is a major sporting event taking place where British excitement and disappointment go hand in hand.

No, no, no...we're not talking about the World Cup, we're talking about the tennis down at the All England Club, the home of tennis, the Championship...Wimbledon.

And what with Wimbledon being resigned to BBC Two or via the red button because of the footie, it will be a bit tougher this year to keep up with all of the action. That's where today's App of The Day comes in, it will help you stay on top of all things SW19.


The Wimbledon app was released last year and now version 2.0 comes as the 2010 Championship gets underway.

"But what's new?" I hear you cry. Well, for starters there's a brilliant new Radio Wimbledon option that gives you three channels of commentary and analysis, with commentary from Centre Court and Court No.1 constant whilst matches are taking place. Hopefully, if there's a bit of rain then you might even be lucky enough to hear Sir Cliff belting out a few old favourites, you never know.

The good thing about the Radio Wimbledon app is that you can leave it running whilst you check out all of the other features within the app.

Another new inclusion is an area dedicated to Twitter. From this section you can view the official Wimbledon tweet stream as well as looking at what tennis royalty such as Venus Williams, Andy Roddick, Pat Cash and, err, Andy Murray have to say for themselves.

app of the day wimbledon image 3

The app still features all of your old favourite features as well including videos, photos, latest scores and schedules, results and the draw outline as well as news, player biographies and special info for if you're actually going to Wimbledon.

app of the day wimbledon image 2

We've given it the once over as the first few matches were taking place and everything seems to be tickety-boo, although there's no decent videos yet or any recent pictures. We're sure it will get its act together by the second or third day of the action though, by which time there will only be one British player left. And he's a miserable so and so anyway.