Ah, 6 o'clock. There was a time when it was Pocket-lint's favourite hour of the day. But during World Cup month it's a frustrating time where you find yourself in limbo between the end of the afternoon game and an hour and a half before the evening kick-off.

And that hour and a half can seem quite a long time. Also, it can be a very expensive time if you're killing it by browsing your favourite online betting site, being tempted by ridiculous bets such as the time of the first corner or the amount of throw ins.

Anyway, we digress, back to the matter in hand of App of The Day.

Street Museum


The Museum of London has released its very own iPhone app to celebrate the launch of its Galleries of Modern London exhibition. But the app isn't a boring history lesson, oh no, it's an app that provides a spooky look at the past using augmented reality.

Made in partnership with creative agency Brothers and Sisters, the app features over 200 sites in and around our nation's capital with brilliant photographs and information available.

app of the day street museum image 6

But the fun part starts when you begin to mess around with the apps augmented reality features.

The app has a built in Google Map with pinpoints highlighting selected locations. Using your iPhone's GPS you can find a spot close to you and then, go into the 3D view for a ghostly look at the past on the present day using your device's camera lens.

app of the day street museum image 8

Once you get the hang of it you'll be able to exactly line up specific images from the past over real time happenings. It's cool, and it's a little bit freaky too.

It's quite good fun trying to line up the images in locations that are completely different as well. Some streets have changed completely and it's amazing what used to exist before the modern buildings went up.

app of the day street museum image 4

The app is free, so there's really no reason not to download it (if you live in London, obviously). We don't think there's an app out there that will impress your Mum quite as much as Street Museum. And if there is, then we want to hear about it.