Applying for a university place is a rite of passage all graduates have to go through. The UCAS system can be a little confusing, and as it is not renowned as being one of life's more pleasant experiences this iPhone app is here to help.

UCAS for iPhone


Features of the app include an at-a-glance view of your choices along with a comprehensive FAQ section. There's also a description of key dates outlining the UCAS application cycle so you know what to do and when by.

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Applicants can track all their UCAS applications, with a detailed view of each choice including course details, start dates and of course most crucially, conditions and replies.

This free to download app will also enable you to see which universities have rejected you, before you go into that must-try-harder-pot that is clearing.

Finally, security-wise, UCAS promises that your info is held securely and can only be accessed by entering your personal ID, username and password.