We're not going to pretend that this app is going to change your life - not unless you ever find yourself held at knife point until you can name all 50 US state capitals. However, if you have a sneaking suspicion that fate is going to deal you some rather bizarre cards, then it's probably a bit of software you want to download. What the hell anyway - it's free.

Android Market

There's a few state capital apps doing the rounds but it's Eric Burke's that takes the prize. It's a rather simple but satisfying affair involving 50 double-sided virtual cards - one for each US state - which you can tap to turn or flick through with a rather enjoyable finger sweep.

On the front you'll find the name of one of the states, a map showing its shape and its geographical position in the Union and a star representing the location of its state capital. Flip the card over and it'll add the name of (un)said town.

You can shuffle the cards into a random order, mark them as known when you reckon you've got each one sussed and then alphabetise or organise them according to your needs.

app of the day state capitals by eric burke android image 2

If you're still asking yourself why you should download this app - and there could be quite a few of you - answer us this: 

Did you know that the capital of North Dakota was Bismarck? No, you didn't. Did you know that the states of Wyoming and Colorado are basically just large squares? No, you didn't know that either. Ok, well did you know that the north-west border of Wisconsin looks like a face? And there we go. That's three strikes, my friend. All good reasons to download State Capitals (by Eric Burke).

The bonus for us though is that it's one of the few apps that you don't need a data connection to enjoy.