It's 6pm game fans and it's a return to App Of The Day here on - after a brief absence yesterday due to the iPhone 4 announcements. Darn you, Steve Jobbies.

Today we're going to look at something puzzling. Let's face it, everyone loves playing games so today we take a look at a simple, but highly addictive game, which should appeal if you are the sort of person who likes puzzlers like Tetris.

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Gyrotate, from GoosTrix, falls into the category of simple puzzlers. You are presented with four squares of coloured shapes, one inside the other. These squares rotate -hence the name - meaning you can shift around the coloured symbols.

The aim is simple. You have to line-up the coloured symbols. Get four in a row or more, and they vanish. Each level corresponds to the number you need to line-up (after you get past the first few levels at least). So on level 8 you need to get 8 of each colour. You are set against the clock, with 3 lives to complete the level.

app of the day gyrotate iphone ipod touch  image 2

You can line-up more than four at a time if you are cunning, as well as being able to get multi-matches and take advantage of special symbols, like bombs and clocks. These blow up lines and add time to the clock, repetitively.

Surprisingly addictive, Gyrotate is the perfect game for killing 10 minutes on the train or in the doctor's waiting room. Best of all it's free, although there is also a $0.99 version. To be honest, we're still happy with the free version.

If you have an app you'd like to recommend, why not let us know in the comments below, and maybe that'll be featured on App Of The Day some time soon.