Thanks to the beautiful sunshine, staff shortages and leaves on the track, we're running a little late with App of the Day today. But it's well worth waiting for, oh yes.

Yesterday we brought you art, culture and a smidgeon of sophistication with Tate Trumps, the Tate Modern's digital version of the popular kids card game. And today we wander unwaveringly down a similar path, by featuring the erudite musings of the verbal artist that we now know as @stephenfry...



App Store

To be completely honest, there's not much to Stephen Fry's iPad app debut. It tidies his personal technology blog so it's deliciously iPad shaped, and there's a few sharing options added for good measure.

app of the day – fry paper ipad  image 2

However, there are few writers whose outpourings are better suited to the portability of Apple's shiny new device (for UK owners, at least). To begin with, Mr Fry can ramble like a hillwalking posse on a trip to the Mendips, so you may be inclined to read the blog in comfort; something not often associated with glaring at a computer screen.

Additionally, as he is want to natter about the iPad and iPhone a lot, you will feel included and, in many ways, in agreement seeing as you also hold one in your hands at the time.

app of the day – fry paper ipad  image 3

But the final and indisputable reason to try Stephen Fry's Fry Paper iPad app is that it is free, gratis, without cost and complimentary, so you can always delete it again if it's not your bag!

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