It's that time of the day again when we bring to you a selected treat from the wide, wide world of apps.

Today, after much mocking from his peers for referring to the Eurovision Song Contest as a "cultural event" this Pocket-linter brings you a real shot of culture. An art gallery themed app that screams culture. Well, it's as cultured as a game of Trumps is going to get anyway.

Tate Trumps



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Anybody who has ever been to the Tate Modern will have no doubt come away thinking, "yeah, it's pretty impressive, but it was still pretty boring at times". If you didn't think that then you're either one of two things - a liar, or a lot more sophisticated than us.

For those that did find it a bit dull at times (come on, there's seven floors, there's no way modern art can hold your attention for that long) but still liked it enough to consider another visit then help may be on hand with today's app - Tate Trumps.

Tate Trumps uses the Tate Modern's Wi-Fi connection to activate the game whereby you have to virtually collect pieces of art from within the gallery. Unfortunately you do this by typing in a code that is associated with the piece rather than by using augmented reality or anything like that. But it's still pretty interactive never-the-less.

Up to three players can play and the aim is to collect art that you think would out-Trump your opponents in one of three different game categories - battle, mood or collect. You collect seven pieces of art and no two players can select the same piece, so get your running shoes on and your map at the ready if your targeting a particular piece.

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When you meet up with your opponents later on, you simply pit your selected works against them in the time honoured Trumps tradition. If you don't agree that your piece should have been outdone by another's then you can even make a complaint via the app to the Tate Trumps team.

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The app is free, and, could add a bit of fun to your Tate Modern outing. Get it from the app store now, but remember, you need to actually go to the Tate for it to work.

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