Another 6pm cometh and another application arises out of the mists of the Internet, which will hopefully sate your thirst for app-related goodness. Whether it be for your desktop, your phone, your TV or any other gadget that has a tendency to get a bit appy - then this regular slot is the place to be.

However, we can't cater for all platforms, and as we had something Androidy recently, it's time to cater for those with a phone of the i persuasion.



With a name like Hipstamatic, and by the looks of the website, you could be forgiven for thinking that this was some totally spurious, style-over-substance app.

app of the day hipstamatic iphone image 1

However, on closer inspection it actually appears to have some decent functionality as it will enable you to take shots with a variety of different effects, which should add a certain amount of substance to your iPhone snaps.

Effects include vignettes, blurring, over saturation, discoloured images, and as the blurb reads "Hipstaprints have a casual and seemingly accidental snapshot feel" fans of Lomography might well get a kick out of it.

app of the day hipstamatic iphone image 3

There's also a monthly competition you can enter your snaps into, and additional "film", "lenses" and "flashes" can be purchased as "Hipstapaks" in order to increase the variety of effects available.

All in all it looks like pretty decent value, and if you can get past the marketing, for £1.19 you'll have yourself an app worth keeping hold of. Photos can, of course, be shared through Facebook and Flickr and the app will need iPhone OS 3.1 or later to run.

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