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It could be free or pricey; a serious utility or a game; it could even be a whimsical piece of utter nonsense. If it's good and worthy of a download, then it deserves its place here. So, without further ado...

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Time is precious, you don't need us to tell you that, therefore anything that can save you time, ie give you more time to play games, surf the web, spend time enjoying your gadgets, is for us a good thing (if my family is reading this, I do love you really).

app of the day ocado iphone android coming soon image 2

In steps Ocado, a home delivery service that is most famous for selling Waitrose products and delivering them to your door (it also sells its own other stuff like flowers and books - bet you didn't know that), so you don't have to traipse around the supermarket bored.

The free App, currently available for the iPhone, and coming to Android soon, lets you add food to your shopping basket throughout the week before it's then sent out to you at a delivery time of your choosing.

The app is broken down into a number of areas allowing you to search the shop, browse the shop, see products you've previously bought so you can add them again or even see what Ocado recommends you should buy based on your order.

app of the day ocado iphone android coming soon image 5

The interface is incredibly clean with various views to make it easier to understand, and the idea that you can be on the bus doing your food shop is incredibly appealing and in practice easy.

Once you're ready to commit, you can then choose a delivery date, opt for a cheaper one if someone else in your area has also gone for the same slot and then pay. No computer to faff with, no hour wasted in your local supermarket.

We especially like the fact that you can, up until the night before, keep adding items to your shopping basket as well as being prompted deals and offers rather than just keeping you in the dark.

app of the day ocado iphone android coming soon image 3

Oh, and the food that arrives on your doorstop tastes good too. Yum.

If you have an app you'd like to recommend, why not let us know in the comments below, and maybe that'll be featured on App of the day sometime soon.