Good afternoon and welcome back to App Of The Day on Pocket-lint where we turn the spotlight on a piece of software fit for mobile phones, TVs, computer platforms and just about anything else that'll run an application.

Another day in to our World Cup Week and our special selection of apps related to the footy bonanza continues, today we turn our attention the BlackBerry and see what is on offer for football fans on your favourite e-mail powerhouse.

So far we've seen football goodness for Android and the iPhone, but if you just don't dig that touchy-feely nonsense, perhaps this thick fat stream of footballing news will tickle your fancy:

BlackBerry App World

The BlackBerry isn't the most prolific platform for apps, there are plenty out there, but finding the specific app to serve your needs takes a little hunting. Sports apps mostly service the US community, but's tie-up with Handmark results in a football app stuffed full of information.

app of the day goal com mobile reader blackberry image 1

The app is divided into tabs across the top for easy navigation and after setting the "edition" you want, you get the info you need. We chose the UK edition naturally, so we were fed tabs dedicated to breaking news, Premier League, World Cup 2010, Transfer Zone, before diving off into the major clubs: Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal.

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It's often said that real fans don't follow the glory of those big teams and fortunately there is a My Feeds tab that you can customise to the content you want, using a basic RSS system. We picked up a feed from for all the West Ham news and there you have it: real gritty bottom of the table action. You can also add more tabs if you want more custom news of your own choosing.

You can easily scroll across sections and dive down into the headlines presented. Clicking on a story gives you the full text to read.

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There are also sharing options, so you can post a story to Twitter, Delicious or Facebook, although we've never managed to get the Facebook authorisation to work properly. You can also send stories out to contacts from your address book via email.