Huzzah. It's the return of app of the day on Pocket-lint where we turn the spotlight on a particularly good piece of software fit for mobile phones, TVs, computer platforms and just about anything else that'll run an application.

Another day in to our World Cup Week and our special selection of apps related to the footy bonanza continues.

Some may be happy with feature editor Dan's World Cup Essentials, but others might be looking for something a little more polished, so iPhone owners out there will be pleased to hear about the:


Shopping for apps is a bit like shopping at your local supermarket; some people are happy getting the own brand goods, such as a Whole Wheat Biscuit or Morrinov vodka, whereas for others only Wheatabix and Smirrnof will do.

app of the day the official england application iphone ipod touch  image 1

The Official England App is for the latter. It'll cost you £2.99 for the privilege, but it appears that you get a reasonable amount of content, with an easy to view at a glance highlights page which gives you access to News, player profiles and stats.

app of the day the official england application iphone ipod touch  image 2

You should also get regular updates of the England team's progress through the competition and push notification, as well as videos of legendary England goals and players.

New additions to Version 1.06 are match fixtures/results, some new FanZone content and an expanded video library.

If you have an app you'd like to recommend, why not let us know in the comments below, and maybe that'll be featured on App of the day sometime soon.