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While news editor Rik's simple brain was satisfied with watching a clock tick down underneath some nice views of the savannah yesterday, the more sophisticated among you might prefer to download...

World Cup Essentials

Android Market on your phone (or not)

There's an awful lot of terrible, terrible World Cup applications for mobile phones out there right now but this is one of the few shinning lights on the Android platform. It's a little rough around the edges, so go gently now, but what it delivers is straight forward, useful information.

app of the day world cup essentials android image 1

It offers a list of all the fixtures one group at a time, a calendar version of the same information so that you know which games are coming up each day plus there's also a screen showing the group standings at any one time. What else could you want?

app of the day world cup essentials android image 2

Unfortunately, the answer to that is another silly countdown page, some tedious information on the South Africa 2010 mascot, Zakumi the green haired leopard, and actually some not too bad information on history of the World Cup and the stadia for this year.

A little more has been promised by the devleopers 2ThumbsApp before kick off with news being a good guess, but really all this app needs to be spot on is some kind of reminders system. All in all though, well worth some disk space.