In this new regular feature, we will be highlighting a different app or widget for you to download each weekday. And it's not just iPhone apps that are eligible either, it could be an Android, Blackberry, Samsung TV, Mac desktop or other type of application. It could be free or cost a few quid. Basically, if we like it, we reckon you will too.

And as this is World Cup Week, we thought we'd theme the first batch around footy, so join us each day at 6pm for our App of the day.

To kick us off...

World Cup Countdown

Format: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Price: Free
Where: Apple store (iTunes)

To be completely frank, there's very little to do with this app. Indeed, it best falls into the category "takes up vital space on you hard drive for no particular reason". But, hey, don't most applications?

app of the day world cup countdown review iphone  image 3

How many of your apps are truly useful? 50 per cent? 40 per cent? Certainly our phones are full of software that, at best, make us giggle, at worst, lay forgotten in a corner of one of the home screens like a broken toy. Once played with, then discarded.

World Cup Countdown, however, may not have much use per se, but for those of us who can't wait for the FIFA tournament to start, it's a godsend.

app of the day world cup countdown review iphone  image 2

Basically, it has a countdown clock, which will reach zero when the opening ceremony starts. That's it.

There is a slideshow of pictures sponsored by the South African Tourist Office, and the occasional clip of video which you can play (after download), but you don't really even need them. All you need is the constant reminder that the event is imminent, so that you can whip yourself into a fervent froth. And what's wrong with that?

Of course, cynics will say that staring at it is literally a waste of time, but pah, what do they know? Now, if there was only a way to speed it up...