(Pocket-lint) - YouTube is making some changes to its mobile app for Android that include giving users the ability to adjust the default playback quality. 

This is something that Google has been working on for quite a while now, with tests happening in June and beyond. Now it seems that the changes are rolling out to some users. 

You've always been able to adjust the quality of specific videos during playback, but soon you'll be able to adjust the default settings for every video that plays from the app. Click into YouTube's settings and you'll see the option to adjust "Video quality preferences (BETA)".

From there get three standard settings - data saver, higher picture quality or auto. On specific videos, there's also an option to click into "advanced" and select the quality of the video playback in a more granular way - choosing from 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p. 

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This is great as it now means that you don't need to rely on Google to choose the right quality for you. If you're on an unlimited data plan, 1080p as default will now be a logical choice, if not you can select lower versions to save precious MBs. Unfortunately, these specific settings don't apply app-wide, but you can select from to data saver, higher picture quality or auto to do that. 

Android Police also has reported some other interesting changes to YouTube on Android that include removing the ability to tap the timeline to skip to another point in the video. Now if you want to fast-forward through a video you need to hold and slide the playback instead. This is an intentional change designed to stop accidental skipping. The same logic has been on iOS for a while but is now on Android too.  

Writing by Adrian Willings.