(Pocket-lint) - WhatsApp has rolled out a shopping button to make it easier to see a business's catalogue of goods and services.

In the past, to see what products or services a company offered when messaging a WhatsApp business account, a user would have to click on the business profile to see if a catalogue was available.

With the shopping button, you'll know straight away if a catalogue exists and you'll be able to browse the products and services within it and start a conversation about an item with a single tap.

The shopping button looks like a shop front icon and it sits at the top of the chat - next to the buisness's name - replacing the voice call icon. To find the voice call icon, you'll need to tap on the call button next to it and select voice or video call.

WhatsApp also released a video showing what other features will come to shopping through the messaging service in the future. Based on the 90-second video, you'll eventually be able to add an item to your cart and place an order through WhatsApp, whilst also getting fast responses to questions.

The shopping button is rolling out from 10 November worldwide to WhatsApp Business accounts. For WhatsApp Business accounts to make the button available to customers, you must have an account registered to the WhatsApp Business app and have set up a catalogue.

If you meet those requirements, the shopping button will automatically appear to your customers in their chats with you.

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Writing by Britta O'Boyle.