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(Pocket-lint) - A feature that many have been requesting for years is soon to be added to WhatsApp: video calling.

Engadget reports that the Facebook-owned company will be introducing full video calling to its iOS, Android and Windows apps in the "coming days".

You can already make voice calls over the internet using WhatsApp, just by tapping the phone icon in the top right-hand corner of chats, but in future that will also give you the option to start a video chat instead.

Like rival services, such as FaceTime, Google Duo and Skype, you might find the quality suffers a bit when not on Wi-Fi. In addition, you need to remember that a WhatsApp video call will use more of your data than a simple voice call. If you're not on an unlimited data plan, that could zap your data allowance smartish.

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Some networks, including Virgin Media, offer free WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages, pics and video on its new 4G plans, but that doesn't include voice or video calls, so you still need to be conscious of how much data you are using when not on Wi-Fi.

We're not sure exactly when the new feature will hit this week, but considering Apple's App Store refresh tends to happen on Thursdays, that could be a safe bet.

Writing by Rik Henderson.