Facebook is trying to go after Snapchat again.

The company is developing an ephemeral photo feature for WhatsApp, the popular messaging app it acquired a couple years ago for more than $19 billion. Remember, Facebook once tried to buy Snapchat, but the deal was rebuffed, and then Facebook launched a copycat app, called Slingshot, which failed to catch on. Oh, and Facebook tried to buy Snow, the "Asian Snapchat", this summer.

And let's not forget that Facebook-owned Instagram recently added a Story feature that's a direct rip-off of Snapchat's most popular feature. So, it's not too surprising to learn that WhatsApp is testing a photo-narrative feature, called Status. Much like Snapchat Stories, Status lets you broadcast to followers your pics and videos via a narrative loop that has unlimited playback for 24 hours.

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It will even let you add doodles and captions, according to Mashable. The quiet project was discovered in WhatsApp's latest public betas for iOS and Android. The feature is now live for beta testers and appears as though it will sit in the the tab menu between Chats and Calls.