WhatsApp might update soon with a pretty cool feature: video calling.

According to Fonearena, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is testing a video-calling feature. The latest Android beta of the popular messaging app apparently includes a new option to place a video call. Although WhatsApp has offered audio calls to users for more than a year, video calls haven't been available, forcing users to switch to rival apps like Skype or Hangouts whenever they want to simultaneously talk with and see friends.

The feature, which can be enabled or disabled on WhatsApp's servers, is reportedly undergoing a trial with select groups of beta testers. Keep in mind WhatsApp has more than 1 billion users, and when it began trialling audio calls with Android users last year, it took two months to officially launch the feature for Android users and another month to launch it for iOS users.

WhatsApp hasn't announced any plans, but it's clear that the app needs to something in order to maintain its foothold against competitors like FaceTime and Hangouts. Still, it's hard to say if video calling will see a rollout schedule similar to voice calling.

Also, WhatsApp reportedly testing other features, such as the ability to send group invites through NFC tags, links, and QR codes.