The company behind Whatapp, the multi-platform instant messenger app, is rumoured to be in talks to sell the business to Facebook.

According to gossip in Silicon Valley courtesy of TechCrunch, the usual "sources close to the matter" are spilling some of the beans to all who want to hear.

Sadly those sources don't have any further details on how much Whatsapp is likely to sell for, or when the deal will go through, if ever, but that hasn't stopped TechCrunch writing a lengthy article on why or why not the company might sell. 

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Whether it happens or not, we can see why Facebook would be interested. Whatapp continues to grow in popularity, offering a service that allows you to bypass expensive SMS txt messages on your monthly contract and still send quick messages and pictures to each other, regardless of whether you or your mates are on the same platform - such as iPhone or Android - as long as you've got a data connection. 

A year ago, in October 2011, the company said it was sending 1 billion messages a day. We suspect that number is considerably bigger now.