You might remember a few weeks back when Warner Music, one of the four major record labels, went postal over ad-supported music and threatened to take its ball and go home. Well, the company has just signed a deal to provide ad-supported music videos to Dailymotion.

In the US, Europe and North Africa, Warner will supply unlimited, on-demand, ad-supported access to Dailymotion's users, who'll also have the ability to create and share playlists of their favourites. The first videos will be made available on the service within weeks, and more will roll out over time.

Warner's VP for Commercial Development said, seemingly without irony; "Offering official artist content is one of the most powerful ways to attract an interested, interactive audience. This partnership further strengthens our premium video strategy, which provides our roster of artists a flexible, wide-reaching distribution footprint through which to monetize and promote their music".

Now, can anyone explain to us how offering ad-supported video on Dailymotion is different to offering ad-supported music on streaming services? Except that it's better, because there are pictures? We can sorta see the argument that this won't provide whole albums - just singles - but given that the vast majority of people just interact with the big hits, it's hard for us to see any consistency whatsoever in Warner's digital strategy.