(Pocket-lint) - If you sign up for a Red Entertainment Vodafone plan, you'll also get free roaming to 29 more destinations than previously including the USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia - 77 destinations in all. 

New and upgrading Red Entertainment signer-uppers can freely roam in 29 of the most popular roaming destinations, as well as Vodafone’s 48 Roam-free destinations as part of its new Global Roaming Plus package.

Red Entertainment enables you to choose a subscription to an entertainment pack. Current options include Now TV, Sky Sports Mobile TV and Spotify Premium. Back in June Vodafone teamed up with Amazon so that Prime Video was made available, too.

You're not limited to just watching on your phone either, as you can carry on watching where you left off on a smart TV, games console, tablet or laptop. 

As well as the 77 destinations where no additional charges will apply, customers can also use their home plan in 75 Roam-further destinations from £6 a day.

Additionally, Vodafone is now including 500 international minutes to EU countries in its Red Entertainment plans so you can call landlines and mobiles at no extra cost. 

Vodafone announced last week that it has a bunch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 tariffs available including the Red Entertainment 50GB plan for £69 per month (£79 upfront cost). The Note 9 is in the pre-order phase before it goes on sale on 24 August. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.