Logitech-owned Ultimate Ears has announced the launch of a new, free to download iPhone app that offers an interesting feature - a sound pressure level meter that will tell you the decibel level of anything you care to point your phone at.

Aside from that, other features range from the naff - "see the custom-made in-ear monitors of the artists who are wearing Ultimate Ears" - to the dull - "see a full list of our products".

There's also info on how to get the most out of your UE earphones and the ability to watch artists interviews, backstage footage, and photos from live shows.

Ultimate Ears warns that the sound pressure level meter is for recreational use only and accuracy of SPL readings will vary depending on iPhone model used, but for free it's got to be worth a download to see just how loud the No 7 bus/your mate's band/your dog's bark really is.