(Pocket-lint) - The developer behind precise location app what3words has launched a new app that allows you do order an Uber to your exact spot by simply saying three words.

Available for iPhone, Apple Watch, WearOS smartwatches and Alexa-enabled devices, 3WordGo just requires you to say aloud the three words determined by the what3words location system. This will then inform an Uber driver your exact to within a 3-metre square.

For example, open the app on your phone, smartwatch or through an Alexa skill and say "clean.wider.both" and an Uber will be ordered to pick you up directly next to Elizabeth Tower - the home of Big Ben.

The app also understand seven different languages: English, German, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and Chinese. So, when we finally do get to travel safely again, we can order local taxis without knowing our exact addresses - just the three-word identifier.

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"Using voice is one of the quickest ways to enter a what3words address, and with 3WordGo, users can order an Uber right from their wrist without needing to get out their phone. Passengers can rest assured that their driver will take them exactly where they need to go - and they won’t end up paying more than expected," said what3words' chief product officer, Josh Wigmore.

Writing by Rik Henderson.