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(Pocket-lint) - After Uber was deemed not "fit and proper" to hold a London private hire licence, rendering it unable to operate in the capital if an appeal is unsuccessful, black cab ordering app company Gett aims to capitalise with a clever and cheeky campaign.

As well as post adverts in Tube stations and bus shelters, with taglines like "Über fast. Now that's fit & proper" and "Top drivers. Now that's fit & proper", the firm is giving away £15 credit for your first ride in London. What's the code? "PROPER".

"As more people question the credentials of London’s transport providers, we wanted to remind customers that Gett offers an unparalleled experience in the capital," said the CEO of Gett UK, Matteo de Renzi. "Our trained drivers pride themselves on quality and providing a quick and efficient journey, deemed fit and proper by all."

To use the £15 credit code, which orders authorised London black cabs, just download the free Gett app for iOS or Android, sign in with your mobile number, an email address you went receipts to be sent to and your name.

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Then tap the menu button on the main screen at the top left, tap Coupon Code and simply enter PROPER at the prompt.

GettLondon Taxi image 2

Gett has an extensive network of black cabs in London, who will be alerted to your location, much like Uber. You can similarly track them in real time. The major difference is that you can also pay for your ride in cash.

Uber is currently appealing the refused renewal of its London licence and is seeking talks with TfL in order to show it is willing to change its practices to meet guidelines set.

Writing by Rik Henderson.