Following the news that Transport for London will not renew Uber's license after 30 September, many Londoners will be wondering what other ways there are to get around the capital.

There is of course the famous London Black Cab, but many customers want the convenience of being able to request a ride via an app and pay for it using a stored card. Fortunately, there are plenty of other services around London than can happily offer a similar service.


You may already know about myTaxi, as it used to be called Hailo, and is available in several cities around the UK and a total of 50 across the whole of Europe. With myTaxi, you actually request a London Black Cab, so it saves you walking along the streets trying to find a free cab to flag down. 

You can save card information to the app so payments are quick and easy, and you get a receipt emailed straight to your inbox as soon as you reach your destination. 

myTaxi is available for iOS and Android, and from within the app, you can see where your cab is on its journey to pick you up. Your driver will even wait for a couple of minutes for you to arrive without charging, perfect for saying those last goodbyes to friends. 


Gett is available in nine cities around the UK and works in a similar way to myTaxi. Like its rival, you request a ride from a London Black Cab, and Gett promises some of the fastest pick up times. Several different types of car are available to request, from a regular Black Cab, to one designed to carry disabled passengers.

You can even request a Gett delivery courier or Collect+ courier to return a parcel to a drop-off location. You earn points for every ride you take, and the more points you get, the better the driver you will ride with. While you can store card information to pay your driver if you don't have cash,  you're also free to use any spare change you have in your wallet.

Addison Lee

You will no doubt have seen Addison Lee cabs around London. The private hire cab company offers 4G Wi-Fi in all of its cars as well as phone chargers, and always offers fixed prices and no surge pricing. Pick up times may be a bit longer than some of its rivals, but Addison Lee prides itself on the quality of service you receive when your car does arrive. 

Cabs can be booked up to three months in advance and the company also offers a same-day and next-day courier service of its own.


Taxify, like many of its rivals, is simple to use. Set your pickup location and destination, request a car and you're away. Taxify says various types of cars are available, but from our brief time using the app, only a 4-seater car has been available to request. 

You can refer friends to sign up to the service as well, and they will get £3 towards their first ride. Once they complete a trip, you will get a free ride of your own. You can rate drivers and view your ride history within the app too, which is available for Android and iOS.