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(Pocket-lint) - Chances are you've probably heard about Uber, but Uber isn't the only taxi app service you can use in London. In fact, there are several.

Many customers want the convenience of being able to request a ride via an app and pay for it using a stored card rather than standing on the pavement waving their arm up and down trying to flag an unoccupied taxi down, and taxi apps allow for that.

Here are the best taxi apps to get you around London. You might also find a couple of them work in other locations across the UK too so it's worth checking if you're outside of London.


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Uber is available across the UK - not just London - and it allows users to choose from a number of different vehicles, including executive cars and larger cars for more people.


You can split the fare with anyone travelling with you that has an Uber account and schedule a ride so you know you always have a way of getting home. Cash isn't an option with Uber - you have to use a stored card for payment, but you can store multiple cards, as well as use services like Apple Pay.

As with other apps on this list, once you have requested a taxi through the Uber app, you will be able to see your driver making their way to your location in real time.

Free Now

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You may already know about Free Now as it used to be called Hailo before it changed to MyTaxi and now Free Now. It is available in several cities around the UK and over 100 cities across Europe.

Card information can be saved to the app so payments are quick and easy, and you get a receipt emailed straight to your inbox as soon as you reach your destination, which is handy for those business expenses.

The Free Now app will also show you where your cab is on its journey to pick you up and your driver will even wait for a couple of minutes for you to arrive without charging, perfect for saying those last goodbyes to friends. 


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Gett is available in eight cities around the UK and works in a similar way to Free Now. Like its rival, you request a ride from a London Black Cab, and Gett promises some of the fastest pick up times.

Several different types of car are available to request, from a regular Black Cab, to electric ones and ones designed to carry disabled passengers.

You can even book a future ride - as you can with Uber - and you'll be able to track your taxi on its way to you too with the real-time tracking map so you'll know when you need to start saying your goodbyes. While you can store card information to pay your driver if you don't have cash, you're also free to use any spare change you have in your wallet.


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Bolt, like many of its rivals, is easy to use. Once you set it up, you type in where you want to go and the app will find you a ride, offering a number of vehicle options, as well as estimated prices for your journey - very similar to Uber.

You can store a number of cards within the app, allowing for easy payment and you can also view your trip history in your profile too, so you'll know exactly where you have been.

It's also possible to add home and work addresses to the Bolt app and you can toggle on Calendar Events to get destination shortcuts based on them. As with the other taxi apps, you can also see your driver's location in real time after they are on their way to pick you up.

Addison Lee

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You will no doubt have seen Addison Lee cabs around London. The private hire cab company offers 4G Wi-Fi in all of its cars as well as phone chargers, and always offers fixed prices and no surge pricing.

Pick up times may be a bit longer than some of its rivals, but Addison Lee prides itself on the quality of service you receive when your car does arrive. 

Cabs can be booked up to three months in advance and the company also offers a same-day and next-day courier service of its own.


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Wheely is a luxury ride service, instead of searching up taxis, it offers chauffeur-driven rides. Drivers are picked via an accreditation process and each ride takes place in a shiny new Mercedes-Benz to ensure you arrive in comfort and style.

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Otherwise, it works pretty much like Uber, allowing you to book a ride within the app and pay via credit or debit card.

There are three tiers of service available: Exec which is the standard service, VIP which offers even higher levels of comfort and Plus for rides requiring more passengers or luggage space.


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Ola launched in London in early February 2020 with over 20,000 drivers on the app. The service promises a better deal for drivers, sharing more of the fare with them, while still giving riders a great deal.

The company has some clever safety features like its guardian system, which uses AI and machine learning to detect irregular activity from its drivers.

In practice, using Ola is very similar to the other ride-hailing apps. You can book a cab, track your ride and pay all from within the app.


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Xooox is a little different to some of the other apps in this list. Rather than just offering its own cars, the app collates information from cab companies and private hires across the UK, helping you get the best price on cab rides.

There are safety features built-in that allow quick and easy reporting to the regulating bodies. Xooox claims their technology allows drivers to see where the most fairs are, preventing unnecessary wandering in search of fairs, and therefore reducing emissions.

In addition, you can compare car size and even emission output before booking, making it one of the greenest options around. We're sure you're wondering, and it's supposedly pronounced 'zooks'.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.
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